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Creating Custom Fundraisers, the Alternative to Facebook

Create Custom Fundraisers for birthdays, anniversaries, and initiatives after the Facebook stop in Europe. Important Changes for Fundraising in Europe. Create personalized fundraisers for birthdays, anniversaries, and initiatives after the Facebook stop in Europe. Influential Changes for Fundraising in Europe.

Essential news on how to Create Custom Fundraisers. The recent news that Facebook will stop supporting fundraising campaigns in Europe from 1 July 2024 has left many charities looking for reliable alternatives. TrustMeUp emerges as the ideal solution, offering a robust, feature-rich platform designed to maximize the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts.

Why TrustMeUp is the Best Alternative Available

Set up a Campaign on and with TrustMeUp

Quick and Easy Integration: Trustmeup allows easy integration with association websites, allowing the creation of personalized fundraising campaigns (birthdays and other occasions) directly from the association website.

Personalization to Reflect Your Mission. TrustMeUp allows detailed customization of campaigns or even events. Each of your supporters will be able to configure specific objectives, choose impactful images write content, and customize event ticketing, ensuring that the campaign speaks directly to the community.

Transparency and Security with Blockchain. TrustMeUp uses blockchain technology to guarantee total transparency and impeccable security in transactions. Each donation is traceable, ensuring that funds reach their intended destinations without interruption or manipulation.

Zeroing of Commissions to Maximize Donations. Unlike other platforms, Trustmeup eliminates commissions on donations, thanks to the reward of 100% of the commission in discount vouchers to be used on the platform.

Incentives for Donors: A Virtuous Circle. Each donor on TrustMeUp receives a reward equal to 100% of the donation made in PAC (Discount Coupons), which can be used for purchases to be made on the platform. This not only rewards donors but encourages them to continue supporting your initiatives, creating a sustainable and beneficial donation cycle.

Multilingual Support for Global Reach. The platform supports multiple languages, including Italian, Spanish, and English, allowing you to reach donors from different parts of the world and expand your supporter base beyond national borders.

Success Stories with TrustMeUp

TrustMeUp is not just a theory; Its effectiveness is demonstrated by numerous success stories. Several charities have greatly exceeded their collection goals, thanks to the visibility and tools offered by the platform, which have allowed them to amplify their social impact.

How to Create Personalized Fundraising, the conclusions

In the new fundraising scenario, TrustMeUp represents more than a simple alternative to Facebook; is an innovative platform that reinvents how to support social and charity causes. With TrustMeUp, your campaigns on birthdays, anniversaries, or special initiatives will not only achieve their financial goals. They also build a stronger and more engaged support community.

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