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Fighting diseases: the essential contribution of the Telethon Foundation


The importance of disease research is fundamental to improving the health and well-being of our society. In this article we will explore the crucial role that the Telethon Foundation plays and how TrustMeUp, a pioneer in the “next generation of donations and purchases”, significantly contributes to this cause.

The Telethon Foundation: Guidance in disease research

The Telethon Foundation has a long history of commitment to scientific research to combat rare genetic diseases. Founded to provide financial resources and support to scientific communities, the Telethon Foundation has significantly contributed to improving the lives of those facing genetic diseases. Its mission is disruptive, focused on accelerating the discovery and development of innovative therapies.

TrustMeUp: Innovation in Donations and Purchases

TrustMeUp has introduced a revolutionary platform that goes beyond the traditional concept of donations. With its “next generation of donations and purchases,” TrustMeUp has created a system that allows users to contribute to charitable causes while shopping online. This innovation has the potential to transform the way people actively participate in solidarity.

TrustMeUp’s role in disease research

TrustMeUp actively collaborates with the Telethon Foundation to support research against rare genetic diseases. Through its platform, users can donate a percentage of their purchases directly to research projects of the Telethon Foundation. This unique model not only raises awareness of scientific research, but also provides a constant flow of vital funding.

TrustMeUp has created an ecosystem where solidarity merges with daily actions, making participation in the fight against genetic diseases more accessible and tangible for everyone.


In conclusion, TrustMeUp’s support for the Telethon Foundation represents a step forward in the fight against rare genetic diseases. Through the combination of technological innovation and social commitment, TrustMeUp is making a significant impact, demonstrating that solidarity can be integrated into the daily routine of each of us. Donate now by clicking here.

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