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How to Organize Successful Events: Guide to Fundraising with Gamification and Social Impact Cashback

Organizing events with TrustMeUp (here is the link where we have compared the 5 best platforms for creating fundraisers) represents an innovative turning point in the fundraising panorama, with the possibility of creating not only events totally dedicated to fundraising but also paid initiatives, both with the new social impact cashback, enriched by customizable tickets and supported by the powerful blockchain technology and the concept of gamification. These tools not only increase transparency and engagement but transform each event into a unique and engaging experience for donors and participants.

How to Organize Successful Events: Guide to Fundraising with Gamification and Social Impact Cashback with 100% Donation

Creation of the Event

Creating an event on TrustMeUp that focuses on donating 100% of revenue requires focus and precision to maximize impact. Here are the detailed steps (here is a video guide) to effectively organize such events:

  • Access to the Platform: After registering on TrustMeUp, organizers access their dashboard.

  • Selection of Fundraising Method: In the section dedicated to the creation of new initiatives, you select the “Raise Funds” option, which paves the way for the creation of events focused on supporting non-profit associations.

  • The choice between Campaign or Event: At this point, you are given the option to specify whether the initiative will be an extended fundraising campaign or a single event. For events with 100% of donations donated, choose “Event”.

  • Selection of the Beneficiary Charity: Subsequently, it is essential to select the non-profit association to which 100% of the funds raised will be allocated. TrustMeUp offers a large selection of verified organizations to choose from, ensuring that donations go to support legitimate, vetted causes.

Event Detail and Ticket Setup

Clearly defining the objectives, description and specifics of the event is crucial. The ticketing system is also configured here, where each type of ticket represents a different level of contribution:

  • Basic Ticket: €100, for those who wish to participate and support the cause on a basic level.

  • Supporter Ticket: €150, for those who want to offer a higher contribution, perhaps with access to additional benefits.

  • Benefactor Ticket: €200, for donors who wish to maximize their support, with exclusive benefits such as meetings with special guests or front-row seats.

Promotion and Mobilization: With the event set, the next phase involves active promotion through TrustMeUp channels and other digital means, to ensure maximum participation and fundraising.

Transparency and Security with Blockchain

Blockchain technology ensures that every donation is traceable and secure. The organizers can share with the participants the certainty that every euro donated reaches the chosen association directly, strengthening trust in the initiative.

Implementation of Gamification

Gamification elements such as prizes, leaderboards, and goals encourage more active participation, creating an environment of positive competition and community. This approach not only increases donations but also strengthens participants’ emotional connection to the cause.

Benefits of Social Impact Cashback

Even in events where 100% of donations are donated, TrustMeUp rewards participants with PAC (Passions Coin), fomenting a virtuous circle of generosity and active participation within the platform.

Events organized on TrustMeUp that donate 100% of donations to associations represent a unique opportunity for organizers to make a difference. By following the steps mentioned above, it is possible to create events that not only support worthy causes but also engage and motivate the community, thanks to the transparency of the blockchain and the dynamics of gamification.

Paid Events with Integrated Donation for Internal Merchants

Paid events on TrustMeUp, with a portion of the price going to support charitable causes, offer a unique way for registered Internal Merchants to actively contribute to society. This section details the procedure and peculiarities of this initiative, emphasizing transparency, security and engagement thanks to blockchain technology.

Event Creation and Management for Internal Merchants

  • Registration as an Internal Merchant: To organize a paid event with an integrated donation, you must be registered as an Internal Merchant on TrustMeUp. This status allows access to advanced features dedicated to the creation of services or vouchers.

  • Creation of a New Service/Voucher: Once logged in, the Internal Merchant can create a new service or voucher dedicated to the event, specifying details such as description, prices and availability of tickets.

  • Donation Setting: Unlike events with 100% of donations donated, in this case, the percentage allocated to charity is fixed and equal for all tickets sold. The Merchant establishes this percentage when creating the service/voucher, ensuring that a portion of the price of each ticket is donated to the chosen association.

Practical Example of Implementation with Different Types of Tickets:

Let’s imagine that an Internal Merchant on TrustMeUp decides to organize a benefit concert. For this event, three types of tickets are created, each with distinct characteristics and prices, and if desired with a different percentage of the price donated:

  • Basic Ticket: Sold at €50, of which 10% (€5) is donated. These tickets offer standard access to the event, with no additional benefits. The buyer receives 5 PAC as social cashback.

  • Ticket Gold: Price of €100, with 15% (€15) earmarked as a donation. Holders of these tickets enjoy benefits such as priority access and a commemorative event gadget. Each buyer gets 10 PAC.

  • VIP Tickets: Sold for €150, with 20% (€30) donated to charity. These tickets represent the premium experience, offering exclusive benefits such as artist meet-and-greets and reserved seats in prime locations. Buyers receive 15 PACs for additional benefits on the platform.

  • Disposable Code: Upon purchase, a unique alphanumeric code is generated for each ticket, guaranteeing access to the event and the security of the transaction.

Fiscal Receipt and Donation Certainty:

Every donation made through ticket purchases is recorded on the blockchain, and the charity issues a digital tax receipt with an associated blockchain code. This system not only provides irrefutable certainty of donation but also encourages gamification, allowing organizers to recognize and reward the most generous participants.

Gamification and Engagement:

Public visibility of donations via blockchain drives greater participant engagement. These can be motivated to exceed specific contribution thresholds, receive recognition or climb generosity rankings, all mechanisms that increase interaction and interest in the event and the supported cause.

The Latest Tips on Paid Events with Integrated Donation

Paid events with integrated donations represent an effective and innovative method for TrustMeUp Internal Merchants to actively support charitable causes, while offering an enriching and rewarding experience to participants. The clarity of the destination of the funds, guaranteed by blockchain technology, and the introduction of gamification elements elevate engagement and consolidate a virtuous circle of support and participation. Organizing an event in this way means not only contributing to a cause but also creating an active and engaged community, ready to support future initiatives.

Use of the Donor Database

Access to the donor database, available both for creators of 100% donation events and for internal merchants, is an exclusive advantage offered by TrustMeUp, allowing direct and personalized communication with supporters. This tool is essential for keeping donors informed about project developments, thanking them individually and inviting the community to future initiatives, thus strengthening the bond with the cause and encouraging recurring donations.

Tips for Maximizing Impact

  • Take advantage of Ticket Customization: Offer different levels of contribution to attract a broad spectrum of participants, enhancing every type of support.

  • Incorporate Gamification Elements: Use blockchain to create a rewards and recognition system that motivates donors to exceed their contribution thresholds.

  • Communicate with Donors: Use the database to send regular updates and personalized thanks, maintaining attention and engagement with your cause.

  • Lead by Example: Make a donation yourself to demonstrate your commitment and encourage others to contribute.

The innovation and flexibility offered by TrustMeUp in event creation represents a significant change in the world of digital philanthropy. Through two distinct methods – events with 100% of the donations donated and paid events with a portion of the price going to charity – TrustMeUp provides individuals and Internal Merchants with the tools to organize initiatives that not only raise funds for worthy causes but actively involve and gratify the participants. The transparency guaranteed by blockchain technology, together with gamification and social impact cashback, further enriches these experiences, creating a strong bond between organizers, participants and the supported causes.

How to Organize Successful Events: Take Action!

1. For All Users: Create an Event with 100% Donation Fundraising

Are you ready to make a difference and leave a positive impact on the world?

TrustMeUp offers you the perfect platform to turn your passion into action. Create your own fundraising event today, donating 100% of your donations to a cause close to your heart. Join our community of change and show the world how much we can do together for the greater good. Start your own fundraising campaign and become a beacon of hope and support.

2. For Internal Merchants: Organize a Paid Event with Integrated Donation

Are you an Internal Merchant on TrustMeUp and want to combine your commercial commitment with a tangible social impact? Take advantage of the TrustMeUp platform to organize paid events, allocating part of the proceeds to support important causes. Through this method, you will not only be able to offer your participants a unique experience but also actively contribute to the well-being of the community, strengthening the link between your activity and the values ​​of solidarity and support. Start planning your event now, creating significant engagement opportunities and making every participation a gesture of generosity.

In both cases, TrustMeUp positions itself as your ideal partner, providing the tools and support needed to make every event a success. Whether you want to create an experience completely dedicated to philanthropy or integrate donation into a ticketed event, TrustMeUp amplifies your impact, taking your initiative to the next level. Join us today and become part of one!

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