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Facebook Announces STOP on Fundraising: Here’s the Ideal Solution!

Stop Fundraising on Facebook: with this announcement by Facebook to cease fundraising tools for Charities in the European Economic Area from 1 July 2024, associations are faced with the need to find effective alternatives. TrustMeUp is positioned as the ideal solution, combining ease of use, innovative and advanced features and an approach focused on refunding 100% of donations, the new “Donate by Shopping” mode, making each campaign more attractive and engaging.

Key Points that Make TrustMeUp the Ideal Solution

100% Refund of Donations in Discounts
Each donation on TrustMeUp translates into equivalent credits. They can be used for purchases from commercial partners, motivating donors to continuously support various causes.

Customization of Campaigns and Events

The platform allows you to completely customize each campaign or event, from the theme to the collection objectives, up to the ticket structure, ensuring targeted and maximized participation.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

TrustMeUp is intuitive and accessible. It’s ideal even for those with less technical skills, with sharing tools such as links and QR codes for quick and easy diffusion.

Opportunity to be Chosen for Personalized Campaigns

Users can directly choose the charities to donate to during special occasions. By this way, increasing visibility and funds without additional costs for the charities.

Integration with Merchants for “Donate by Shopping”

This function transforms every purchase into a donation, increasing revenue for the charities with each transaction made.

Blockchain Technology for Transparency and Security

Every transaction and donation is tracked and protected thanks to the blockchain, ensuring unprecedented transparency and security.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Detailed analytics tools help associations monitor campaign effectiveness and optimize future strategies.

Gamification for Greater Engagement

Game elements such as leaderboards and donation-based prizes encourage more active and fun participation.

Ongoing Support and Training Resources

TrustMeUp is not just a platform, but a partner that offers ongoing training and support to maximize the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns.

Global and Multilingual Access

Available in multiple languages, TrustMeUp allows charities to reach donors around the world, thus expanding their global impact.


Facebook’s withdrawal from fundraising in the EEA marks a crucial moment for Charities, who now have the opportunity to move to TrustMeUp, a platform that not only meets but exceeds digital fundraising needs thanks to its advanced technology and to its commitment to making every donation mutually beneficial.

And now?

It’s time to act! Switch to TrustMeUp to ensure your organization not only continues to fundraise effectively, but also improve donor engagement and maximize economic benefits. Visit to find out how we can revolutionize your fundraising. Sign up today and prepare to turn every challenge into an opportunity for growth and impact.

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