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The 3 Best Platforms for Creating Events with Online Tickets in 2024

How to Create Events with Online Tickets if you are an organizer of concerts, exhibitions, conventions or shows of various kinds is one of the main challenges you are looking for an answer to. Not to mention the fact that, “managing” ticketing is really complex… and you know it well.

Cross and delight: in the digital age, the creation and promotion of events require tools that simplify management and maximize visibility. Platforms such as Eventbrite, Billetto, and TrustMeUp offer innovative solutions to address these needs, each with its own strengths. In this article, we will explore the key features of these platforms, focusing in particular on how they facilitate the organization of events with online ticketing. Let’s start with Eventbrite, an industry-leading platform.

The 3 Best Platforms for Creating Events: Eventbrite Under the Lens

Eventbrite establishes itself as a leading event management platform, providing organizers with an intuitive tool to create, promote and sell tickets. Since its launch in 2006, it has become a global solution used in 187 countries, with the ability to host events of various natures.

Eventbrite makes it easy to create events for nonprofits.

One of the key features of Eventbrite is its ability to create custom seating maps for events in a very intuitive way.

Allows attendees to choose their seats, shows map preview during checkout, and enables price range colors during checkout.

Let’s see its other distinctive features in detail.

  • AI support to create events: Versatility: Suitable for free and paid events, supports a wide range of event types.

  • Possibility to add details of the event program.

  • Ability to add event FAQs.

  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface for creating and promoting events.

  • Promotion Tools: Offers advanced marketing and analytics options to maximize visibility and sales.

  • Secure Payments: Manages payments through PayPal and other solutions, offering a clear distinction of costs for free and paid events.

  • Quick Feedback: Payments within 5 days of the event for smooth financial management.

  • The world’s largest event marketplace to reach new fans thanks to social marketing tools

  • Email marketing tools

  • Integrated Checkout: Sell tickets online with Eventbrite’s intuitive integrated checkout functionality. Event participants will be able to complete the purchase of tickets online, without ever leaving the organizer’s website or blog.

  • Promotional codes: possibility to create exclusive discounts, limited-time offers.

The 3 Best Platforms for Creating Events: What You Need to Know About Billetto

Billetto emerged as a versatile platform that facilitates ticketing for a wide range of events, supporting over 160,000 organizers since 2010. With a focus on the Nordic market but extending its reach globally, Billetto stands out for its ability to attract events of niche, supporting over 70,000 events per year.

One of Billetto’s key features is its ability to create custom seating maps for events. This tool allows organizers to define specific seating configurations, facilitating sales management and user experience.

Billetto facilitates the creation of free, paid, and donation-based events, directing funds directly to the organizers, who can be non-profits but also individuals or companies. This offers great flexibility in the financial management of events. However, there is a concern about transparency in donations: participants may not always be clear about the non-profit or commercial nature of the supported entity, potentially creating confusion about the fate of their donations.

Let’s see its distinctive features in detail.

  • Mobile Optimization: High-end templates and mobile-optimized event pages.

  • Automated Promotional Tools: Advertising features that can increase sales.

  • Subscriptions with recurring payments: Option to offer subscriptions to participants.

  • Efficient Management: Self-service event creation process with real-time reporting and easy mobile check-in.

  • Reserved seating for events of any size.

Both platforms offer robust solutions for event organizers looking to optimize ticket sales and attendee management, with a focus on user experience and event promotion. While Eventbrite focuses on the versatility and globality of the service, Billetto focuses on operational simplicity and the effectiveness of its marketing tools to guarantee the success of events hosted on its platform and the possibility of using maps for seated events.

The 3 Best Platforms for Creating Events: What’s New from Trustmeup

In the universe of event management platforms, TrustMeUp stands out for its innovative approach, placing emphasis on the social impact of events. With a focus on empowering events through donations, 100% refund of donations in Coupons, and building a strong connection between the for-profit and non-profit sectors, TrustMeUp offers unique features that turn every event into an opportunity to make the difference. difference. Through the creation of events in 5 minutes, both by individual users and professionals, TrustMeUp allows you to generate a tangible positive impact, strengthening the link between the profit and non-profit sectors.

Let’s see its distinctive features in detail.

Fundamental Features of TrustMeUp

1. Tax Benefits and Refunds in PAC (Discount Vouchers) – Social Impact Cashback:

  • The real revolution of TrustMeUp lies in its ability to transform each donation into a tangible incentive for donors, offering 100% of the value of the donation in PAC (Discount Vouchers). This system not only rewards those who contribute but creates a virtuous circle of charity and incentives, broadening the scope of the social impact of events.

2. Tax Deductible Receipts:

  • TrustMeUp facilitates the issuing of tax-deductible receipts for donors, both for events completely dedicated to non-profit causes and for those that only allocate a percentage of the proceeds. This ensures transparency and tax advantages, further encouraging participation and donations.

3. Personalization of Tickets:

  • TrustMeUp elevates the event attendance experience by allowing organizers to offer highly customizable tickets. This flexibility ensures that each participant can find the option that best suits their needs, maximizing participation and fundraising potential.

Examples of Tickets:

  • Standard Tickets: Ideal for those who wish to participate in the event with basic access, 100 tickets can be offered at 50 euros each.

  • Gold Tickets: Designed for attendees looking for additional benefits, such as better seats or access to exclusive content, with 50 tickets available for 100 euros.

  • VIP Tickets: They offer a premium experience, including exclusive benefits such as meetings with guests of honor or unique merchandising, with 20 tickets on sale at 200 euros each.

4. Blockchain for Transparency:

  • The use of blockchain technology guarantees maximum transparency and traceability of donations. This strengthens user trust, encouraging participation and support for beneficiary causes.

5. Gamification thanks to Blockchain:

  • Gamification, made possible by blockchain, introduces playful elements that increase engagement and involvement, transforming participation and donation into a rewarding and interactive experience.

6. Funds directly to associations:

  • A fundamental and distinctive aspect of TrustMeUp is its approach to donation management. TrustMeUp ensures that all donations are transferred directly to the accounts of the selected non-profit associations, without any intermediation or management of the funds on the part of event organizers, merchants, or the TrustMeUp platform itself. This way of operating guarantees the maximum transparency and integrity of the donation processstrengthening the trust between all the actors involved.

7. Using the Database to Thank Donors

  • One of the distinctive features of TrustMeUp is the effective use of its database to establish a direct and personal relationship with donors. This feature allows event organizers to access valuable data about attendees, making it easy to send personalized thank you notes. This not only helps to create a sense of appreciation and recognition towards those who have contributed but also strengthens the bond between the organizer and the participants, encouraging future participation and donations. Thanks to this practice, each donor feels valued and an integral part of the success of the event and the resulting social impact.

8. Using the Mobile Scan System to Validate Tickets

  • TrustMeUp also integrates an advanced scanning system, accessible directly from your mobile phone, for the validation of tickets at the entrance to events. This system not only significantly simplifies the check-in process, reducing waiting times and improving the overall attendee experience, but also ensures safe and reliable attendance verification. Organizers can easily scan the QR codes on tickets directly from their mobile device, making the meet-and-greet process seamless and hassle-free.

Differenziazione Degli Eventi

Events with 100% Support of Non-Profit Associations:

  • Creation and Destination: TrustMeUp users can quickly create events in just 5 minutes, dedicating the entire proceeds to a non-profit association of their choice. This model ensures that every contribution raised through ticket sales goes entirely to the selected organization, promoting a direct and significant social impact.

  • Practical Example: An entrance ticket sold for 50 euros turns into a full donation of 50 euros for the selected non-profit association. This amount is subsequently reimbursed to the donor in the form of PAC (Discount Vouchers) worth 50 euros, motivating participation without imposing additional costs on the event organiser.

Professional Events with Donation Percentage (%):

  • Flexibility for Professionals: Professionals and merchants registered on TrustMeUp can organize events, freely choosing a percentage of the proceeds, for example, 15%, to be allocated to one or more non-profit associations. This approach allows organizers to balance between generating revenue for their business and supporting important social causes.

  • Practical Example: In the case of a ticket sold for 100 euros, 85 euros go to the organizer, while 15 euros are donated directly to the charity. Also in this case, the donation of 15 euros is reimbursed to the donor in PAC (Discount Coupons), encouraging generosity and participation.

The 3 Best Platforms for Creating Events: In Conclusion

TrustMeUp positions itself as a one-of-a-kind platform, combining the world of events with that of charity in an innovative and sustainable way. Through its distinctive features, TrustMeUp not only facilitates the creation of events with a positive social impact, but also promotes a culture of conscious and active participation, offering tangible benefits for both organizers and participants. With TrustMeUp, every event becomes an opportunity to contribute to a better world, making generosity and social commitment more accessible and rewarding for everyone.

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