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The decisive contribution of the Plastic Free Charity to environmental protection: the key role of TrustMeUp

protection of the environment
protection of the environment

In an era in which environmental awareness is at the center of our concerns, the Plastic Free association is emerging as a fundamental player in environmental protection. In this article, we will explore the crucial role this partnership plays and how TrustMeUp, pioneer of the “next generation of donations and purchases”, is significantly contributing to this cause.

The Plastic Free: Champion of Environmental Protection

The Plastic Free is actively committed to reducing plastic pollution, fighting one of the most urgent environmental problems of our times. They work tirelessly to raise public awareness, promote sustainable practices and adopt innovative solutions.

TrustMeUp: Innovation at the service of environmental protection

In this context, TrustMeUp stands out as a cutting-edge company, which integrates its mission of “new generation of donations and purchases” with a strong commitment to environmental protection. Through its innovative platform, TrustMeUp offers users the opportunity to directly support plastic free and their ecological projects.

TrustMeUp Platform: Donate smartly

The TrustMeUp platform offers users the opportunity to make informed purchases, automatically allocating a percentage of their amount to environmental causes. This innovative integration allows anyone to contribute tangibly to the protection of the environment. Making the donation process a natural and continuous element of the daily routine.


In short, the contribution of the plastic free is fundamental to the protection of our planet, and TrustMeUp is an example of how companies can join forces with these organizations to create a lasting positive impact. Donate now to Plastic Free by clicking here.

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